Adobe Illustrator to Laser Cutter in 20 Minutes or less

This video is a tutorial on how to use an Adobe Illustrator file for laser cutting at Design Works Syracuse University’s fabrication lab. In part one of this tutorial we will go over what we need to do to prepare a Adobe Illustrator file for output to a laser cutter. In part two of this tutorial we will take the prepared Illustrator file from part one and put it  on the template for the laser cutter and export it as a DWG.


Laser Template Downloads

Please make sure to summit your file for the laser cutter in DWG format with this naming convention:”your net id”_”your cell # (this is optional)”_”your file name”.If you do choose to include you cell # it will allow us to reach you quicker if there is a problem.The Shop recommends the following software in order for creation of files for the laser cutter:1. AutoCAD2. Rhino 3D3. Adobe Illustrator CS4 or CS3 (CS2 is not recommended)Here is the template for the laser cutter converted for the most popular applications.  If you do not see your preferred application please stop by the shop for help.Adobe Illustrator CS4 CS3Rhino 3DAutoCAD 2010