Nice lamp by like butter seen @ponoko

Nice lamp CNC plasma cut but we could a similar thing on the router. Seen @ ponoko


Goes Through Like Butter

Melbourne Duo Cutting Some Fine Forms

Jem Selig Freeman is responsible for this smooth incarnation of the humble articulated lamp. The neat geometry and targeted symmetry of this design results in a friendly retro-robotic feel that is brimming with personality.

We wouldn???t expect anything less from a company that specialises in things that other fabrication businesses won???t touch.

The Light MKI is an example of the offerings from Melbourne-based studio Like Butter, where Jem teams up with Laura Woodward to run a plasma cutter dubbed The Mighty Plasmatron.

Like Butter can also carve up a storm with their CNC router, the very same machine that engraved This is: a trivet for local designer Bonnie So.

Looking at the Light MKI, I wonder whether a swivel base mechanism could be introduced that follows the same structural format being used in the arm joints. Even so, it is great to see that it is still possible for designers to come up with refreshing iterations almost 80 years since George Carwardine first thought up the Anglepoise Lamp.

I???m also fond of the Light Painting technique used in some of Jem???s photography. Be sure to check out the Like Butter website to see what else these guys get up to.

Source: Broadsheet Melbourne (!print link)

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