Let get cutting the holidays are just around the corner



???nuff said.

Allison Mooney

Intricate earrings are just a glimpse of the range from Ms. Mooney.

A New Twist

An eclectic assortment of bejeweled acrylic. (Great gifts for moms.)

Art and Scrap

Crop Circle, Aztec and Mayan pendants, and other mystical land art like the Nazca lines.

Baked by Ashleigh

Although mostly working in polymer clay, the designer offers a few pairs of laser cut earrings.

Bena Clothing

In addition to knitwear and handbags, Bena also makes lasercut broaches.

Black Pill Red Pill

Those with a Poe streak will love the macabre designs from Black Pill Red Pill.

Bloom in Spring

Earrings inspired by nature.

The Brass Menagerie

As it says on the Singapore design team???s profile, ???Bria loves delicate laser cut jewelry; Marco loves really. big. bling. So far, so good.???

Cathy???s Unique Creations

Popular shapes in lasercut acrylic.

Cherry Boop

Okay, so the cake necklace is not lasercut. It???s made of polymer clay. But ohmygod it???s a CAKE necklace.

Cirkel Works

Hand shaped wooden pendants with laser-etched drawings.


Indie twee perfection.

Cristina Cook Designs

Acrylic and inlay earrings.

Cute Creations

The company name says it all.

Design Glut

Not everything they sell is gold. But when gold is an option, it???s the only option for me.

Dick & Dora

Things for spring.

Diva Delish

Get your Goth on.

Eclectic Circle

They are not kidding when they say eclectic. Whether you love gears, skulls, the at symbol, or the tree pose ??? the EC???s got ya covered.

Egg + Yolk

This Australian/Taiwanese team makes quirky jewelry in a beautiful amber acrylic.

Elise Ertel

Gold and silver veneered acrylics are paired with vintage elements for an original look.

Emma Anne

Laser engraved sterling silver cuffs from South Africa.

Everlasting Doodle

For the tweens.

Everything Tiny

Mostly known for their miniature dinosaurs aka tinysaurs, Everything Tiny also makes animal silhouette jewelry.

Fable & Fury

For neo-Victorians that like things a little twisted.

Finest Imaginary

Cleverness is what unifies these designs. There are a lot of fang necklaces out there, but only this one comes with a jewel blood drop. Love the science beakers and the clock in the crocodile.


Using inlaid wood gives these earrings a much richer look.

Foxie Moxie Jewels

Props to Foxie for doing something in green. My most versatile pair of earrings happen to be forest green.


Charming, quirky, cute designs.

Good Wood NYC

Wooden jeweler to the stars.

The Harbinger Co.

What can I say? I heart The Harbinger Co.

Hash and Cheeze

Fantastic designs all from recycled materials. The ???sea monster??? earrings are lasercut from a vinyl-linen blend.

Hello You

This Chicago designer loves ???animals, food, color and scale.???

In-Sync Design

Delicate botanical and geometric designs.

Izzy Loves Cake

Laser cut leather pieces are hand sewn into statement necklaces.


I???m always happy to see the work of a fellow SCAD alumnus. Bamboo simplicity from Jarrett Parker.


This Texas (not Jersey) based designer spends her days in a science lab.

John Briscella

So, these are apparently photo-etched. But it???s laser-cut looking. And he does have very similar laser-cut clocks. Below: maps of Central Park, Graz, and Zurich.

Just Us Punks

Bling with steam.

Kinetik Soul

Designer Marie developed her jewelry label specifically for those with nickel allergies like herself.


Kitsch goes boutique.


Organic shapes in stainless steel.

Laura Bezant

The spiky patterns are a secret message, ???only revealing itself upon intimate inspection.???

The Letter and the Spirit

Calligraphic designs based on the work of typographer Arthur Baker. (He designed the font for the Coke logo, Baker Signet.)

Libby Day

Art you can wear.

Lickety Cut

Rings that make a scene.

Little Miso

Precious designs from Perth, Australia.

Little Red Lantern

Australian designer Simone combines laser cutting with engraving and hand stitching to create pieces with a bespoke feel.


Whimsical broaches of everyday life.

Made ABQ

Designs from the FabLabABQ in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Maria Eife

Felt accessories based on binary code.


In addition to these too-cute charms, Mariska also makes adorable DIY plush toy patterns.

Melanie Lynn Design

Melanie combines lasercut pieces with beads, chains, and thread for a one-of-a-kind feel.


Colorful perspex rings, gold leather necklaces, and even emerald acrylic cuff links. This Argentinian design duo has something for everyone.

Michelle Rose

Fabric, fashion, home decor, and jewelry ??? Ms. Rose does it all.

Mint + Bloom

Fresh + pretty jewelry designs.


Neon acrylic is some of the best acrylic.

Missy Kulik

Everything from Missy is smiling. Must be the sunshine in Athens, Georgia.


Very bio-cellular.


Beautiful architectural details.


Le ne plus ultra in geek chic.


Textile designer Amy Kerr combines Australian and Japanese influences in her intricate designs.

Muddy Lotus Designs

Laser-cut beads in hammered silver settings. 


Steel filigree earrings from an Etsy newbie.


Retro-inspired pins and necklaces. The bowler is pretty brilliant.

New York Couture

Now that???s fashion.

Noni Bam

Laser cut filigree from Israeli designer Galia.

Norwegian Wood

One of the most original players in the laser cut jewelry game. Designer Angie Johnson also makes killer Karen O-esque elastic harnesses belts.

Poimia Kukkia

They sell cute embroidered pillows, too.


I love Pokeadot???s Paris Market patina look.

Putumayo Designs

Computer science meets Pre-Columbian.

Revisions Design Studio

This talented studio also makes home accessories and lighting.

Roberta Bernabei

A variety of materials explorations.

Salt Blossom

Organic lines in lasercut acrylic.

Sandra Fettings

Unique pieces in acrylic from a multidisciplinary designer.

Sarah Keyes

Fit for a queen.

Sew Sew Crafty

Adorable felt broaches from Brit crafter, Clarie Walls.

Silver Bug Studio

Sustainable and swirly.

So Cute

Playful accessories from Rome, Italy.


Keep it sweet.

Sleek & Destroy

Known for his steampunk goggles, Giant Eye also makes acrylic jewelry ??? albeit not for everyone.

Stevie Lynn Jewelry

Layering makes these charms something more than you???re average acrylic jewelry.

The Storybook Rabbit

This designer pairs her lovely hand illustrations with lasercut wooden frames to create sweet, storybook broaches.

Studio 8

If you think the laser cut designs are beautiful, you must check out the Tensha beads!


Show off your locale-love.


Bones bracelets available in citrusy acrylics and walnut wood.

Super Wicked

Pop-culture inspired punch.


Lobsters, bombs & fighter jets!


Clockhand earrings.


Typography inspired designs for the modern girl.

Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine makes some of the most innovative lasercut jewelry ever.

To Vee or Not To Vee

The perfect jewelry line for those, like me, who love tea time and video games (nearly) equally.


Screen printed patterns make these simple laser cut wooden pieces something special.


Laser cut leather with metallic sheen.

Victoria Contreras Flores

Sick of minimalism? Fall in love with these poetic necklaces.

Vivid Whimsy

Lasercut wood with print transfers.


Spring time scenes on a chain.

Wendy J

per intricate laser-etching makes these especially lovely.

<a href="http://www.etsy.com/shop/whitesquare?http://www.etsy.com/shop/whitesquare?ref=seller_info“>White House

As if the laser cut illustrations weren???t beautiful enough, the stamped cotton swatch branding is worth the purchase alone.


Acrylic stylings from fashion savvy designer Julia Roy-Williams.

Wonton Love

Bamboo and red acrylic paired with brass chains from Paris.

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