Diminished Reality the new augmented reality by Ilmenau University @ponoko

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now you see it. . .       . . .and now you don???t

Making use of those ever-ubiquitous mobile cameras and the processing power that goes along with them has led to numerous explorations into augmented reality.

But what happens when you are not interested in adding to a scene? What if you wanted to remove something?

Some clever heads over at Ilmenau University in Germany have demonstrated their Diminished Reality technology ??? and it is impressive indeed. Simply draw a circle around the object you want to disappear, and then watch as the live feed reveals what your reality could be???

Click through to see Diminished Reality in action. Trust me, this is more than just a novel way to avoid cleaning up.

There has to be some great uses for this. Going beyond real estate agents getting rid of powerlines and unwanted elements, or even pretending that you tidied up your cluttered desk.

???The applications are as diverse as reality. We all know the problem is that we are increasingly flooded with stimuli and information. This technology allows for the first time to specifically reduce visual impressions. This allows us to focus on the important things and create an opening for the new.???

Real-time Diminished Reality can do all this and more. Plans are underway to integrate this technology into mobile handsets, as well as head-mounted displays for a truly immersive diminished experience.

TU press release (it???s in German): Objects Disappear Like Magic

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