Some nice student work from Eindhoven @ponoko

Here is some inspiration for all you 5th years. I like the 3d printed chair of course. Seen @ponoko

The Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show.

One of the main events during Dutch Design Week was the graduation show for the Design Academy. The exhibit featured 131 graduating students from eight undergraduate departments and two masters programs. You can find plenty more information on the official website for the show.

The show was huge and covered two floors of the academy with several large rooms each. In the several hours it took me to make it through, I picked some of my favorite projects to share.

Check out the projects after the jump!

A Pensioned Machine Can Have a Second Life
Dirk van der Kooij
Man and Living

Kooij took an old machine retired from a production line in China and turned it into a large-scale 3D printer. Most people who use 3D printers are constantly pushing for a higher resolution, but Kooij turned the low resolution of his printer into an advantage and designed chairs specifically for this printer. The design allows them to be manufactured quickly for a much lower cost than typical 3D printing.

Showing the Beauty of Mechanics
Paul Heijnen
Man and Living

Heijnen designed this cabinet the showcase the mechanical aspects that are normally concealed. He put all the framing and hinges on the outside and used them as aesthetic components. I love the door hinges.

A Tile To Help Us Control Our Stuff
Menno Oosterhuis

Man and Activity

These modular wall tiles come in a variety of patterns to hold just about anything. It???s a wonderful marriage of aesthetics and functionality.

Continuous Bodies
Maurizio Montalti
IM Master

For this project Montalti worked with a group of scientists to explore the possibilities of using fungi to solve problems. The images show experiments with decomposing plastic. On the left in the second image is what the experiment looked like in December 2009, and on the right is what it looks like now, 10 months later. Considering we hear so much about how long it takes plastic to decompose, these experiments could have enormous benefit.

Authenticity in the Age of its Technological Reproducibility
Sang Hyeon Cho
IM Master

Through this clock Cho explored the possibilities of making authentic objects in a technological age. I also have to point out the impressive use of laser cutting. (Try out your own design with Ponoko Make.)

The Geography of Objects
Jeonghwa Seo
IM Master

This table is part of a series of objects which look at the differences between Eastern and Western culture and their effects on design. Yes, the surface of that table is water, not rippled glass. Every time one of the cups is moved the surface of the table ripples and shakes beautifully.

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