Open Design Chairs ??? Download, Fabricate, Assemble and Sit

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???Recent Uploads??? from Ronen Kadushin

No one has explored the concept of flat-pack, open-source design ??? and succeeded ??? quite like Ronen Kadushin.

Kadushin???s Open Design method combines ???the Internet???s communication resources to publish, distribute, and copy the designs under a CreativeCommons license??? with digital fabrication and a little DIY finishing.

What you get are functional, ready-to-go product designs ???available for production in any number, with no tooling investment, anywhere and by anyone.???

Kadushin prepared several new chair designs for an exhibition entitled ???Recent Uploads??? at Appel Design Gallery in Berlin. Below is a video of the designer assembling some of his Open Design chairs for the exhibition opening.

???Recent Uploads??? ??? Exhibition Opening from annika. on Vimeo.

From the designer: ???Each chair draws its inspiration from different narratives: design references,emotional states, city life, and street art. But as a group they realize a personal design approach that embraces free improvisation and an immediacy of out-comes, whether a computer image or a physical object.???

These chairs are each lasercut from a single sheet 6mm aluminum and assembled by hand. Bending metal this thick is made possible by an ingenious detail, a hallmark of Kadushin???s Open Designs, the ???integral twist hinge??? shown below next to the ???Tel Aviv??? chair.

Each of these chairs and all of Kadushin???s Open Designs are available for free download HERE.

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