One step closer to having a replicable @ponoko

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Is there anything the MakerBot can???t do?

The Unicorn Pen Plotter is a versatile addition for anyone???s MakerBot.
Mr.Kim and John Sarik saw the magic in the Unicorn, and when they put their heads together some interesting developments soon emerged.

Presented at Botacon 0 was a work-in-progress demonstration of their project where transistors are being plotted using sub-micron silver inks.

I think we have a working process in hand. Now it is only a matter of engineering to refine it.

Does this mean we are one step closer to a self-replicating robot revolution? Hopefully the Botacon motto of Robots for a better future will still hold firm.

Kim and Sarik???s remarkable development is paving the way for DIY enthusiasts to print out their own circuitry and hardware for electronic devices. The maker movement sure looks to be in for quite a ride as more people explore the potential of these technologies.

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