The art bikes of Todd Kundla

Who’s ready for the metal skills class zeke and i are teaching first summer session .  Hint we will be moding bikes!

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Check out the groovy art bikes of Todd Kundla–many of which have appeared on Tour de Fat. [via LikeCool]

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Know your bolts

Know your bolts


MAKE contributor James Floyd Kelly wrote in with a tip on a cool resource:

Found some GREAT information on Bolt Depot’s homepage, including this printable poster that displays all the different bolts and nuts and connectors along with their official names. Click on the Fastener Tab at the top of the website and there are even more resources, including a great tutorial explaining how fasteners are identified (including how to accurately describe a bolt’s length, type, etc.)

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3D Food printing on CNN money

mmmmmmmm….. Let’s print some food

3D Food printing on CNN money

You should really read this great story by the people over at Cooking Issues about how they used a FAB@Home 3D printer to 3D print massa for CNN Money. It is nice to contrast Cooking Issues??? take versus the CNN Money article. See the video below also to see how 3D printing makes Mexican Food.

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Laser cutting circuit boards

All right this is cool but seems like a lit of work. I was hoping that the laser was going to magically make wood more conductive but I guess this will have to do for now.

Laser cutting circuit boards



Jean-Baptiste Labrune and his research group at MIT’s Tangible Media Group have been experimenting with using a laser cutter to turn ordinary materials into printed circuit boards (PCBs). They have a clever process for making the traces. Since it is very difficult to cut metal with a laser, they can’t start with a solid sheet of metal material and burn away the parts that they don’t want. Instead, they put a piece of masking tape over the material that they want to make traces on, then use the laser to burn off the tape in places where they want metal to be. Finally, they use a paintbrush to apply conductive paint into the newly cut grooves, and remove the masking tape mask.They’ve got some more photos of the process in a Flickr set. [thanks, Akiba!]

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CAD Drawings of Mechanical Parts @Traceparts

CAD Drawings of Mechanical Parts

Free 2D and 3D CAD files of millions of mechanical parts and fasteners.

It can be tricky to incorporate commercially available parts and fasteners into a digitally designed product, but this handy digital library makes it a little easier.

Traceparts provides 2D an 3D pdfs and CAD files of millions of parts, fasters, and components, all for free. Take a look at it when you???re working on your next difficult project.

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