Portable high-res 3d imaging

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Flexible metrology leaves a lasting impression

Obtaining images with levels of detail that are simply astounding, the microgeometry capturing elastomeric sensor from GelSight lets you peer closer than ever before (that???s human skin in the image above).

With outcomes that would usually require time, patience and some seriously heavy-duty equipment, GelSight has developed a system that provides micron-level detail in an instant. Add a camera to the mix, and the minuscule contours can be captured and converted into 3d images.

It works by applying a special synthetic rubber in which finely detailed impressions are made. Click through for a video overview.

The technology was originally developed to be used as a tactile sensorial skin for robots, but the MIT researchers behind the project quickly realised that the scope was a whole lot broader???

It is fascinating to see the ways that these innovations are currently being used, and it makes me wonder??? What role could this approach to 3d imaging play in the rapidly changing world of digital manufacturing?

via Next Big Future

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