Molding precise parts with Sugru

Molding precise parts with Sugru

3d printed mold takes Sugru hack to the next level

If you don???t know about Sugru yet, you???ve got to check it out. The super easy silicone rubber hacking tool has generated quite an active user base, with outcomes usually following a distinctive hand-made aesthetic.

Until now.

Sugru hacking guru Carson used a Polyjet 3d printer to create a mold to replace the broken plug on his earphones. As you can see from the image above, the outcome has a high level of precision that really pushes Sugru into a whole new realm.

Don???t let the success of this example daunt you ??? although Carson had access to a high resolution printer and the CAD skills to go along with his technology, it still took a little good old ingenuity to keep everything running smoothly:

???Needed some mold-release chemicals to allow the parts to come out of the mold, like greasing a cupcake tin. Didn???t have any mold-release handy so I used olive oil.???

It will be exciting to see what happens when more Sugru fans incorporate DIY digital manufacturing into their workflow.

Via Sugru

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