hemp fiber and bio-resin stool

hemp fiber and bio-resin stool


This stool, designed by CCA graduate students Sam Slater (Architecture) and Miwa Ikemiya (Design), is a hemp-fiber composite prototype that maximizes the material properties of both treated and untreated fabric. A continuous sheet of hemp fabric is selectively treated with bio-resin in a single lay-up to capitalize on both compressive and tensile forces. A bio-resin impregnated composite provides structure in the legs, but this treatment is not applied to the seat area. This allows the material to perform structurally when needed and in tension when needed. A foam core with embedded wood stringers provides additional strength and minimizes weight. Additionally, the material choices have a deliberately low environmental impact ??? bio-derived epoxy systems, hemp and sustainably harvested wood. Because of its collapsible and lightweight design, this stool can be used in any situation where portable temporary seating is needed (camping, picnicking, outdoor concerts, etc). To use, simply slot the legs into one another and sit on the draped cloth area. The weight of the individual keeps the legs in place, with no additional moving parts or straps needed. Natural fiber composites combined with novel techniques of selective resin application allow this stool to be made out of a continuous piece of material from the legs through to the seat, in a way that is lightweight, durable, mobile, and strong enough to hold a person???s weight.

Check out Sam???s post here for more on the process. Photos courtesy of Sam Slater.

Original Page: http://blog.kreysler.com/?p=1404&utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=hemp-fiber-and-bio-resin-stool


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