Saving an .stl from Solidworks Student Edition

Via: #open3dp

Saving an .stl from Solidworks Student Edition

The student edition of SolidWorks does not support exporting designs as .stl files directly. Here’s a (free) work-around:

  • A 3D viewing program called SolidWorks eDrawings installs alongside SolidWorks. Open your part in eDrawings; Save As an .stl.
  • There is a bug in eDrawings, which incorrectly scales the part from inches to meters but fails to change the unit metadata, resulting in an extremely small part. You need to scale the part back up by a factor of 39.37 (inches/meter).
  • This can be done with your preferred .stl editor. I recommend Netfabb Studio Basic.
    • In Netfabb Studio Basic, select the “Part” menu, click the “scale” command and enter 39.37.
    • Save your fixed .stl
  • Done!

Hope this proves useful.

Note: this same scaling factor appears to hold true regardless of which unit system is used in the original file.

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