Saturday is 3D printings 30th birthday

Lest all be sure to raise a glass and celebrate our little friends 30th birthday. Read more below in the grass-roots engineering article.

Wednesday, March 9th 1983, 8:39pm PST

Wednesday, March 9th 1983, 8:39pm PST was the exact moment that the very first 3D printed part ever was made. It was printed by my companies’ founder, Chuck Hull, using the 3D printing method he invented; Stereolithography (SLA). At CES this past January, I had the opportunity to meet Chuck’s lovely wife, who I learned was carrying that very part in a padded box in her purse! So, naturally I had to hold this very important piece of 3D printing history and get my picture taken with it 🙂

Holding The Very First 3D Printed Part. Ever.

This coming Saturday is March 9th 2013, and thus will mark the 30th anniversary of the birth of 3D printing. Since this little part was printed, Additive Manufacturing has come an incredibly long way; I can only imagine what the next 30 years will be like for this industry.


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