Constructed Surface Table – Atelier Rick Tegelaar


“The Constructed Surface Table is composed entirely of plywood residual material from the furniture industry. The material is bought at the same price as a new sheet of plywood, provided the factory saws in the right format. This creates a new homogeneous resource. By bringing the material together in a fishbone pattern, there is no limit in the size or thickness of the table, and even the smallest residual piece can be used. In this way I can make a new surface which is stronger than the original material.”


3D Printed Letterpress Machine


Hello, Gutenburg! //  Stampomatica

Rapid prototyping is enabling mass creation of useful tools. As seen in the image here, the meta-machine was designed by Technifico and Lino’s Type.

Gizmodo’s commentary on the object – “The letterpress was a huge leap forward for mass communication when Johannes Gutenberg perfected the moveable type machine way back in the 1450s. These days, it’s considered a specialty craft. But this tiny letterpress is thoroughly modern: It’s assembled with parts printed on a standard 3D printer. Whoa.”

The size of this letterpress would definitely fit into the framework of the 3D printer we have in the Shop. Fab!